Brand Awareness

BMW is the world most leading automobile brand, which gained immense fame in the mechanical engineering field. It use effective strategies for creating brand awareness among people, because of strong competition from Audi, Ferrari and many others. Its strong marketing campaign helps it in gaining more sales than its competitors. Its advertisements are effective and eye-catching. It communicate with people through verbal and non-verbal ads, like television ads, billboards etc. BMW has gained much recognition because of is economical fuel consumption and electric cars, which later it rivals also introduced (Motavalli, 2011).

Brand Association

BMW has shared its brand association with it biggest rival Audi that include “fast, nice, class and cool”. The vehicles of BMW are performing well, by providing joy to clients through marketing campaigns across the globe. It has associated itself in consumer’s mind as fast, and peed loving cars. It I concerned about indulging itself in combination of associations to play distinctively in the market for developing the image of “yuppie, rich and asshole sob”. It has endorsed many famous celebrities to provide the image of luxury, classy, fast, and rich look to the consumers. It is expensive, but worth every penny because of quality (Ansett, 2018).

Brand Asset

BMW is a German company, which is involved in manufacturing automobile, motorbikes and aircraft engines. It has many groups, like mini, John cooper works etc., and also involved in tertiary sector. It has manufactured many luxurious cars, and electric cars, to bring the glamor and sense of luxury in the people lives. It is considered as one of the top brand across the globe, which earn billions of revenue. It has been said that its fastest innovation is one of the main reason of its assets (BMW, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

No doubt, BMW is ranked top for having satisfied customers, and best performance in the automobile industry. BMW has shown its design, performance, style, innovation and class by providing luxurious, high class, and according to the social statues cars to the consumers. The customers feel joy with its performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, new models, driving pleasure, and amazing features, which continuously come in automobile market. BMW is successful in maintaining its strong customer base, and still there is a world, who do not switch to Audi, Ferrari, and others (Ansett, 2018).

Brand Element

BMW- the driving force of mobility, bring the complete richy pleasure because of its logo, and amazing classy, and shining appearance.  Its aerodynamic designs has gain lot of attention and fame. Its kidney grille, and Quad headlights, are only their own design, for which people pay thousands of dollars. The white and blue logo with BMW embossed, is one of the best thing and force people to spend their money on this logo. Every time, it comes up with new model that open the eyes of people. (Leith, 2015). 


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