Brand Awareness

Blackberry is the cellphone company, which is on a verge of an extinction. It worked hard to make its place in the market place but has to face tough competition. Blackberry worked hard to create awareness among people. Many people have negative or neutral views, and many young generation do not own the phone of this company. Blackberry’s main audience is working men and women. However, both no division among race, age or gender is done by Blackberry. Blackberry has communicated a lot with audience, but was not able to provide a clear message. It did not consider brand’s marketing as a priority, which become the main reason for its neutral or negative brand awareness (Potter, 2014).

Brand Association

Blackberry has associated itself with business world, and only businessmen and white collar staff used this. It associated its services with the phone, which means, for using the phone it is necessary to buy the services of the phone. It was more like selling services and sales of phones will be followed. It was one of the brand to whom President Obama was the loyal customers of. And this made a lot of people to buy the brand. It associated Oprah too with itself (Forums. Crackberry, 2018).

Brand Asset

Blackberry sells Smartphones, along with many other services. It has secure platform, end point management, applications, communication and collaborations, identify and access, automotive, embedded, transportation asset management, support and trainings, and other professional services. Its revenue fall recently because of entrance of different smartphone companies in the industry. Its services were best and very easy for those who purchased the complete offerings of the company. Blackberry was not able to retain its position and collapsed (Blackberry, 2018).  

Brand Loyalty

During the boom period of the Blackberry, it had many loyal customers. Almost every employee in organizations had one of this phone. But it did not able to maintain its position and lost many customers. Which cause it to face negative ranks in the brand loyalty. Furthermore, its main reason was not focusing on marketing strategies, as people started to forget about the brand. It was expensive as compare to competitors and eventually lose its market place (Defense, 2012).

Brand Element

The dotted double B, signifies the blackberry and many people are aware about it, because once it was the famous successful brand, and now people know it as the dying brand. Its tagline was “Better than Bigger” and “One Brand. One Solution”, however, the solution become expensive for the customers, because of services. Its tagline were attractive enough to catch the attention of the people. It was not easy to use, as services were needed to be bought before to get the complete access (Logo taglines, 2018).


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