Brand Awareness

Big Bazaar is one of the famous brand in retail industry, and developed its image in the private retail industry in India. Big Bazar is said as the Wall Mart of India, which runs over 100 retail stores across India. Big bazaar has created awareness because of its low rates and providing all things under one, which is very convenient for consumers, as convenience is the most important factor for them. It has positioned itself as the low price place where every item is sell in low prices. It created awareness by different marketing campaigns like” saal k sastay teen din” in which certain percentage of discounts are offered, bill boards ads, and Television ads (Mehndiratta, 2016).

Brand Association

Big Bazaar most significant strategy, which turn into favor is associating itself with cheap and low prices products under one roof. It endorsed M.S Dhoni- the famous cricketer in advertisements. It provided many offers and discounts like swapping or exchange offers. Whenever people thing of budget and savings, the first thing that comes in mind is Big Bazaar. It focused on not only building reputation but also maintain its position. People are also think of it as the convenient place for hopping, and easy accessibility (Sharma, 2016).

Brand Asset

Big Bazaar is considered as the subsidiary of Pantaloons Retail India ltd, Future Group. Big Bazaar include all brands of Future group such as F123, Etam, Pantaloons, Copper Chimney, One Mobile, Etam Staples, Brand factory, Urbana, HomeTown, LootMart, and also central. It covers all India’s part including different metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. It offers broad range of goods range from food, apparel, farm and dairy products, toys, child care, home care, and many other things. Almost all major brands are present in this bazaar, which has more than 100 stores in India (Big Bazaar, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Big bazaar has many loyal customers. The main reason is that India is one of the most populated country with unequal income distribution. Majority lies in middle and lower class, and they need to consider savings and have budgets for the month. They find it easy, and appropriate to shop from this Bazaar, where the find everything in low rates. This helped Big Bazaar to retain customers as consumers do not switch to other stores (Bhasin, 2018).

Brand Element

The slogan of “isse sasta kuch nahi”, grab the attention of people, as main demand of consumers is to get the quality item in low prices. The broad range of products with reasonable prices has attracted many customers. Moreover, it targets all the areas and cities of India with the objective of providing benefits to every individual in the country (Sharma, 2016).


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