Brand Awareness

Apple IPhone has took the market across the globe by storm because of its IOS operating software and multi-touch features. When it was launched, it was the first phone to be called as “smart phone”. Creating awareness for IPhone X was much easier, as Apple is already able to make strong brand positioning, and for every new launch, people keenly wait for it not only in America, UK, but across the world. Apple mostly do unconventional marketing. Articles, internet, and other sources make the new launch a headline, and people started to look forward for it anxiously (Simon, 2017).

Brand Association

IPhone X is more about experience, with some more colors and additional features which were not introduced in previous phones. It does not endorse any celebrities for its promotion. It focused more on creating awareness about its new features which it is bringing in IPhone X, along with its slim appearance and look. It is associated itself with creativity, innovation and unique features (Slavin, 2017).

Brand Asset

Apple is not only involve in iPhone and smartphones. It deals with multiple products, which involve Mac book, PCs, watches, iPad, keynote, logic pro, Apple pen, iTunes, apple stores and many other services. Apple is the market leader, as Google is trying to beat it. Apple is more towards creativity and innovation and its research and development department is ready to leave no room for innovation (Hangen, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Apple is one of the top brand which has strong brand loyalty from across the globe. Its customers are impatiently waiting for its every new launch, and quickly buy it as soon as possible for them. It has been said by its loyal customers, that once they started to use Apple, they are unable to switch to any other company or software. Its loyal customers have bought IPhone X, despite of its price. They are now looking forward for new launch. Customers of Apple look for quality, and IPhone is worth of every penny they are paying (Simon, 2017).

Brand Element

There is no single person who is unable to recognize the logo of Apple. A bitten apple is one of the most attractive thing, for which people pay hundreds of dollars. Even a kid knows about this logo. Apple is famous for its logo more than its quality and features. It never disappoint its customers in terms of quality, features and reliability of the phone. IPhone X is launched with the element of selling experience, with more colors, and slim appearance, and amazing camera, which make people fall in love with the phone. Once again, Apple has proved that it is the best phone and a market leader in phone industry (Salvin, 2017).


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