Brand Awareness

Amul is an Indian brand, which started its operation with selling milk powder and milk, but now it is selling wide variety of dairy products, chocolates, ice creams, cheese and butter. Butter is the Amul’s flagship product. It is well-promoted and well-developed brand. It establishes and extended the rand very carefully and add new products, under the same name to make people more aware about its extension. It had done some amazing marketing campaign like butterly, which was a huge success. It attracted many potential customers. It positioned itself in the customer mind, as providing them the tasty products which will change their taste buds (Amul, 2018).

Brand Association

Amul successfully associated itself with rural villages of India, as it targeted that 70% population of Inia living in villages, and providing financial helps to them. This strategy of Amul helps it in gaining attention, and also helping economy. It associated farmers, villages and middlemen to make the operations smooth, fast and economically friendly for everyone. Its branding, and advertisements is all promoting Indian traditions and taste. It is continuously communicating with customers through marketing (Global Dairy trade, 2018; Amul, 2018).

Brand Asset

The main asset of Amul are that 70% Indian rural population, who worked hard on their animals and land to earn money for their bread and butter. And Amul turned their efforts in form of successful business. Its vision is not making profit but to help such people. Amul has expanded its product portfolio and offering broad range of products like butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, milk powder, chocolates, ice creams and many other things. It is a big successful Indian company, who is selling its main asset, an Indian Taste (Bhasin, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Amul has huge number of loyal customers, who do not opt for any other substitute than this. Mother Dairy tried to grab the market of Amul, but extensively failed in doing so. Amul’s consumers are emotionally attached with the brand. Amul has worked hard for the Indian society and promoted the Indian taste across the nation. It has some consumers outside the notion who somehow managed to get its product in their country. Moreover, its product are worth for money and quality maintenance is the biggest factor in retaining customer (Amul, 2018).

Brand Element

It paid great attention to its brand element, that it hired an American company, for designing its packaging in an impressive manner, which made its packaging more colorful, graphically designed and appealing that people get attracted towards it. It educated people about the positive healthy effects of fat in cheese. It has a cute little picture in logo, which is a treat to eyes, representing the Indian taste. Such elements not only help it in gaining consumers, but emotionally attached them with itself. Its logo is memorable, it has copy rights and trademarks to protect itself. It is convenient and available easily (Bhaisn, 2018).


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