Brand Awareness

Adidas is an international brand for sports and fashion. It is engaged in sports business from past 90 years. Adidas is not involve in not only sports, but also in apparel, and other accessories related to sports. Adidas has worked hard for creating awareness among people and target market. It is an official sponsor of World Cup. It has developed strong network with suppliers and customers across the globe. It has prepared some special version of shoes for Lionel Messi. It created awareness by sponsoring major 12 teams in FIFA soccer world cup, which helped it in gaining much attention from across the globe (Haseeb, 2016).

Brand Association

As being the sports and fashion brand, Adidas has sponsored many teams in various international events like FIFA, soccer and many others, to get the perception of having good quality and best sports goods. It has launched its new F-50 soccer by endorsing famous celebrity players. Moreover, it is also a partner of FIFA, and target all crazy followers of FIFA. It uses Microsoft advertising for effective communication with consumers. It endorsed David Beckham, a famous football player, and gained many recognition across the globe as he had a big fan following (Lisa, 2016).

Brand Asset

Adidas has three main subsidiary brands, which are; Reebok, Taylor made Adidas golf and Rockport. It is also involve in co-branding with KP&P, polar, electro, Monster, Goodyear, and many others. Its biggest asset is their research and development department and human resource, who work hard, to bring new ways and methods of doing work and bringing new designs every day, which help it in being positioned as highly qualitative brand (Lisa, 2016).

Brand Loyalty

Adidas is successful in gaining loyalty from customer by continuously fulfilling their expectation, and never disappointed them. It has developed good relationship with customers and wok effectively for retaining them. Other than this, it is also targeting many other potential customers, by sponsoring other sports too other than FIFA. It is expanding geographically and targeting customers who are athletes or involve in any sports. It is competing with Nike and trying had to bring new strategies for expanding its market segmentation (Spink, 2018).

Brand Element

Adidas is able to achieve strong brand elements and utilize it in best possible manner. Triangle shape with white stripes logo is memorable to everyone. Its logo is appealing and catch the attention of many people. Its advertisements and marketing campaigns are meaningful. It has adaptability and react to any change immediately, for not being behind its competitors. Its slogan “impossibility is nothing” is memorize by majority of the people. It has trademarks and its every design has copyright, so that no one could copy it. It is giving strong competition to Nike and striving hard to be a market leader (


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