The Company originated by cooperation and understanding of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs is none other than Apple, Inc. wide range of variety is available that can easily change your lives and can add touch of latest technologies.
Marketing mix of Apple Inc is mentioned below:


Wide range of variety exists which do vary with each other on the basis of design, technology, color, specifications and model.

1. Portable computers

2. Servers

3. Wi-Fi linked stations

4. Accessories

5. iTunes

6. iPhone

7. Peripheral products

These products are different from one another and all are up to the latest technology and specifications.


Apple is one of the well-known and premium brand. Competition of Apple with other leading companies is not based on price. Price is not something that actually matters for this company. If generating and providing effective products, prices will automatically rise and will vary from one another depending on the technologies offered by each model.


Headquarter of Apple Inc is situated in California. Service consultant firms are 24×7 available for all the users in order to provide best service to them with the help of which they can gain maximum outcomes too. Service providers are located world wide including Middle East, Europe, America and Asia/Pacific. It has around 200 stores providing services to their customers.


Various promotional packages are offered by Apple Inc in order to gain maximum potential and to make the company effective one too. Various discounts and available on Apple products. Along with this 1 year warranty is also added on the entire range of products. Training centers are locates worldwide in order to give assistance to the consumers.
Another promotion strategy adopted by Apple Inc is targeting at school/colleges students.


Chief Executive Officer at Apple Inc is Stephen p. Jobs. This company is comprises of various members who are working together with mutual understanding in order to generate effective outcomes. Software engineers are also working in order to provide the best service. Along with this, trainers and service providers are also working in order to assist their consumers.



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