The term marketing mix was initially used by Neil Borden in 1953, while addressing in American Marketing Association. He conglomerated a bunch of ideas altogether naming it as “marketing mix” and later in 1960 Jerome McCarthy proposed further classification of the marketing mix in to 4 Ps. These are product, price, place, and promotion respectively. Several people normally get confused that where the advertising does falls within the marketing mix program? Marketing mix, is an entire plan developed to run a campaign particular to any group, business, or a horde of services. Advertising deals with the ‘promotion’ where it highlights and monitors and evaluates a single product, or service. The purpose of integrating the marketing mix elements is to increase sales, where advertising persuades the potential consumers to get to know about the product, service, and visit the office, place and buy what is being sold.

The advertising planning and in the accordance, decision making altogether are included within the context of marketing mix. Other than this, marketing plan includes all the elements which are essential for the total corporation or which have direct influence on making and particular decision. Advertising, as mentioned, is included with the 4th P (promotion) however the brand manager has to spend a considerable time in pin pointing the exact placement of advertising. The advertising is working, if any customer is trying the product but not re purchases it. So here the role of the brand manager should not be to focus more on advertising. Hence the reason could be the quality of the brand, which needs attention.

Once it has been determined after through analysis, that the key problem is the communication with the consumers, and then the conclusion could be to spend more on advertising. Advertising besides an element of the marketing mix, is a firm what also communicated with its customers through publicity sales force, public relations and through various other promotions.

Advertising is the presentation modes of all the marketing activities for the sales function i.e. how are you presenting your offer, and the sales pitch etc. This could be in written form, oral form, or utilization of some sort of media. Though the primary objective of advertising is to sell a product and that is either by persuasion, or motivation. Persuasion is the motivation through central route where as motivation is done through peripheral route of learning. Thus, an integral part of the advertising planning and decision making process is an assessment of the role that advertising is meant to play – as one part of a firm’s communications mix and as one part of the total marketing mix. Once this perspective has been gained, the brand manager must design a marketing and communications plan in which the different elements complement each other in increasing the sales of the brand.

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