Marketing is not only about finding enough customers for the organization products and services, it also aims to manage the demand in a proper way to achieve organization objectives. It has been observed by many people that demand of products and services not remains same sometimes the demand is average, low demand, high demand and extraordinary demand. Marketing mix 4P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) comes into action to balance the demand and supply of products and services.
Marketing mix help in the following way

•Decrease product prices when demand is low

•Increase price of product when demand of product is too high as compared to supply.

•Offer benefits to customer to increase demand

•Cut down benefits to reduce demand

Electricity Company starts load shedding when electricity consumption reaches threshold level. The process of reducing demand or shift the demand of products and services is called demarkeitng. It is important to consider that demarketing is not the reverse of marketing. The aim of reducing or shifting the demand is not to destroy the demand but to manage it.

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