Nokia a Multinational telecommunication company is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo and it was founded in 1865. The company is well known for the manufacture of telecommunication products along with converging the communication industry and internet industries. Nokia is proving excellence of its services 120 countries around the globe.


• The major and unbeatable strength of Nokia is that it is world’s largest cellular company.

• The company has vat expansion in almost 50 countries as far as its sales are concerned.

• The company has market share of 31% in global market.

• The company owns the revenue of € 42 billion annually with €2 billion as its operating profit.
• Almost 132,000 employees are serving the company around the globe.

• The success of Nokia is very much associated with its on going Research and development sector, which is operating in different parts of the world.

• The major market segments like, CDMA, GSM, and W-CDMA are being served by Nokia by preparing different protocols and devices.

• Ovi platform introduced by Nokia offers services like games, applications, maps, music, media and messaging. This large variety is hardly being introduced by any other network.

• Nokia owns a subsidiary of it known as Navteq which is used for digital mapping and navigation.

• The company has an excellent team of skillful recruits in HRD department, which are striving for expansion of the company and its continued success of services.

• Nokia cellular phones have a great price range and are available for any social class, this also adds to the popularity of the brand.

• Resale price of Nokia phone is also high as compared to the companies, just because of its reliability.


• The service centers of Nokia are more concentrated in developed countries as compared to developing countries.

• Nokia is introducing fewer promotions regarding low price economical phones; rather the new inductions are mostly for high technology mobile phones.

• Nokia has high prices as compared to other companies and lower class is unable to buy Nokia phones.

• Nokia had introduced some products, which are not user friendly, so they couldn’t attain success for these products.

• The country codes for high profile phones are difficult to uncode.


• Nokia has advantage over other cellular companies, and its competitors have to work a long way to compete it actually.

• The company has the peak time to enter the emerging markets of India.

• Nokia’s promotions are likely to increase its market share along with its sales.

• By introducing low prices and a little innovation, the company can improve its market.

• The good brand image of Nokia produced though advertisements increases the promotion of its products and its sales continue to grow.
•    Nokia has recently made alliance with Microsoft for replacing windows 7 for mobile windows.


• The tough competitors like Motorola, Samsung and Sony Eriksson are introducing such strategies which will commendably increase their promotion.

• Nokia prices remain stable for a long time, and other companies, while introducing new models lower the prices of the old models.

• Cellular companies are striving hard for the emerging demand of Wireless Local Loop (WLL), and Nokia sales can likely be dropped as CDMA phones production is less.


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