Johnson & Johnson founded in 1886 in U.S is a global pharmaceutical company responsible for manufacturing consumers’ goods, medical devices and other pharmaceutical products and is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.s. According Interactive’s National Corporate Reputation Survey, the company is placed consistently at the top positions (Hilzenrath, 2010).  Its most famous area is baby products production.


• Fortune 500 includes Johnson and Johnson in it.

• Working efficiently on all the aspects including consumer, medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, thus promising the provision of diversity of products.

• Main area of production is very sensitive one that is oncology, as it is being approached by few pharmaceutical industries.

• The uninterrupted cycle with Research and development at one end and manufacture and supply at the other end is successfully being driven.

• The marketing frame of Johnson and Johnson primarily promises the adjustment of entrepreneurship to remain in pace with other competitors.

• Financially the company highly uplifted by other non pharmaceutical companies.

• Company sales have made its position strong by 14% increase in its sale worldwide.

• The company follows the scientific design that is very well adjusted to absorb and tackle the problems, which challenges the market and its associated growth.

• The impartial offices are kept to establish unique ideas in consideration with cultural securities which adds up extra points to the product when being taken to the market.

• Has been given the title of most reputable company by a magazine named Barren.


• The industry comes under pressure of other pharmaceutical industries for reducing drugs prices and expiration of patent products.

• Some of the products which were key selling in past faced sudden decrease in market sales because some of the products were branded.

• Workers managing the drug storage are mostly responsible for drugs theft but this is not solely related to Johnson and Johnson but some other companies are also committing the same activity (Rockoff, 2010).


• Along with other therapies monoclonal antibodies and protein therapies  have been introduced as a new area of interest.

• Its stations are in view to develop in some other parts of the world. So as to grow globally.

• Johnson and Johnson has recently got Customer Healthcare unit, previously belonging to Pfizer in its acquisition and will use all the rights to promote company growth through this alternative route (Michael, 2008).

• Highlighting new pharma products development to ensure current portfolio to cement itself deep into development sector.

• As World trade organization has introduced a rule that cheap generic products should not be present at the sale points of any company, so this will give Johnson and Johnson the edge to capitalize in this area and earn profits from it.

• New diagnostics are being developed, which will prove to aid business growth.


• A very high competition for generic product production, where patent products are prone to more business outcomes.

• Biotechnological advancements in pharmaceutical industry will exclude the traditional technologies out of the market in this tough competition, though it will cost pretty much to replace the entire structure and will cause the economical blow (Rochester, 2005).

• Investments in side areas like social media will not be constructive effort.

• Other brands are considered more reliable in U.S specially, because of its own market, so low sales are expected in theses areas and strong marketing strategy is needed for better outcome.


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